Exceptional Response Quality. Over 95%+ Accuracy in Practice.

EntBot.ai is an AI-powered chatbot builder for websites, ideal for enterprise applications such as providing product guides and developer documentations.

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Benefits of EntBot.ai for enterprises

1. Reduce client wait times and achieve higher customer satisfaction via instant support

2. Fewer support staff for 24/7 service coverage, reducing service costs

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Key Features of AI Chatbot

Empower a chance to sell or help your customers

Easy Setup
by uploading websites and documents to create a GenAI chatbot
Flexible integrations
into Messaging apps and websites via API and Web SDK
Multilingual Support
- provides consistently accurate answers in 20+ languages
Exceptional Response Quality
- over 95%+ accuracy in practice - Top in the industry
Leading Multimodal Capabilities
- great support on picture/video inputs and outputs
No code integration
capabilities with Discord and Slack to answer questions

Integration Capabilities of EntBot.ai

  1. BaseSimple integration

    Users can create a Discord/Slack Entbot with just a few clicks. Simple integration with no coding required.

  2. AdvancedPremium Integration

    Detailed extensive API&SDK documents enable integrations with any customer service platform and websites.

How does Enterprise ChatBot Work?

1. Entbot converts websites, documents and FAQ content into chunks. Chunks are then converted to numerical embeddings, which are stored in vector databases for efficient search.

2. User Query Processing and Semantic Search: The user's question is converted into an embedding and compared to document embeddings to find the most relevant document/webpage in the dataset.

3. LLM Response: After a semantic search, the chatbot's LLM generates a response based on the most relevant content of the selected document, ensuring that it is accurate and informative. The chatbot also links to the original document and highlights relevant sections for users to explore.

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Pricing plans for teams of all sizes

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  • 400 messages/mo
  • 1 bot
  • Up to 100 webpages
  • Web SDK and H5 integrations
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Most popular


  • 1000 messages/mo
  • 3 bots
  • Up to 1000 webpages
  • Manage team members
  • Web SDK, H5, Discord and API integrations
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AI ChatBot useCases

EntBot is most frequently implemented in the fields of tech and product support, addressing several critical challenges:

Overwhelming Knowledge Base:

Traditional tech support bots often rely on extensive and expansive knowledge bases due to the complexity of the products they support. This can become problematic when the database is too large or overly complex. Bots may struggle to efficiently navigate or retrieve specific information quickly, leading to delays in response and a lack of precision in addressing customer issues. This issue is exacerbated when updates are made to products or services, as the knowledge base requires constant refinement and optimization to remain effective and manageable.

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"Keywords" Understanding Capability

Traditional bots often operate based on keywords and can only handle queries that fall within their programmed scope. This leads to a robotic and often frustrating experience for customers who have complex or nuanced issues, as these bots frequently provide irrelevant answers. In contrast, AI-powered chatbots can take natural language inputs and convert them into actionable insights that business leaders and employees can work with, leading to more accurate and responsive customer service.

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Multi-Round Conversations Challenges

Traditional support bots often struggle with prolonged conversations where follow-up questions and clarifications are requested. These bots typically have limited contextual memory and may not effectively track the progression of the conversation. This results in difficulties providing coherent and relevant responses, often requiring the customer to repeat information. These bots typically have limited contextual memory and may not effectively track the progression of a conversation. This results in difficulties providing coherent and relevant responses to follow-up questions, often requiring the customer to repeat information, which can be frustrating and inefficient.

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